PROMOS Monitor Stand.
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Such attractive design does not have to be put in the foreground. The PROMOS large-screen monitor stand of the latest generation brings large flat-screen monitors in 50" to 90" format into the limelight. At the same time, the progressive, ergonomic design of the monitor stand presents itself as an eye-catcher. Behind the functional aluminum look there is a flexible and very stable aluminum and steel construction that allows the video furniture to be fitted into any room. This outstanding flexibility is made possible by modular dismountable system parts and patented technical details from EHMKI, SCHMID's Development Centre.

Thanks to the proven and specially developed modular system, economical "custom-designed" solutions can be realized as well.

The individual yet functional shaping without corners and edges and the exciting mix of materials, make this futuristic monitor column an eye-catcher in any modern conference or training room, in the foyer or on your trade fair stand.

PROMOS Monitorständer mit adaptierten 80" Display
PROMOS Monitorständer Bodenplatte
PROMOS Monitorständer Bodenplatte
PROMOS Monitorständer Seitenansicht
PROMOS Monitorständer mit installierter Steckdosenleiste
PROMOS Monitorständer Bodenplatte grün
PROMOS Monitorständer Bodenplatte rot
PROMOS Monitorständer Bodenplatte blau
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