DS-Rail monitor mounting system.
// A perfect combination of flexibility and safety.

The DS-RAIL MONITOR MOUNTING SYSTEM combines the two key aspects required of any modern monitor mounting system: operational safety and full flexibility. 

Flexibility: In a DS-RAIL set-up, every monitor remains fully adjustable in every dimension both in position as well as orientation – users can thus individually arrange their monitors to the layout they are most comfortable with. 

Safety: DS-RAIL consists of a highly durable aluminum rail fixed to the desktop and one or several mounting pillars running on individual sliding blocks. The sliding blocks make for continuous horizontal adjustability and are secured against levering out.  There are no tools required for loosening and tightening. Thanks to this system, the mounting pillars are as secure as if they were fixed directly to the desktop, while retaining full adjustability – an orderly and safe set-up without any loss in flexibility.

DS-Rail Monitorhalter-System
Monitorhalter-System Cockpitform Anordnung
http://www.ehmki-schmid.de/typo3/sysext/core/Resources/Public/Icons/T3Icons/actions/actions-view-list-collapse.svgDS-Rail Monitorhalter-System Monitorbrücke 3x4 Displays
DS-Rail Monitorhalter-System elektrisch stufenlos höhenverstellbar
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