Sideboards, cabinets, modular technical furniture.
// Identical in design and appearance - We have thought of everything from A to Z.

The focus of control station furnishing lies on the workstations and large screen visualization. However, our product range also includes matching sideboards for storing printers or chargers, tall cabinets for office supplies and files, roll containers, conference tables, file carousels, personal lockers and many more. Identical in design and color, the aluminum profile design ensures a perfectly harmonious appearance. This way, your control station will serve as a model example of successful interior design. Design-oriented, robust and durable - an investment in the future.

Sideboard mit Medienbox
Sideboard mit Medienbox, geschlossen
Sideboard mit Medienbox, offen
Besprechungsinsel elektrisch höhenverstellbar
Besprechungsinsel elektrisch höhenverstellbar, hochgefahren
Umfeldmöblierung Druckersideboard
19 Zoll Techniksideboard
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Control center facility planner
Control center facility planner