Our modular support system.
// For the care and intensive care sector.

We get your ideas rolling. You have not yet found the equipment trolley you are looking for? We have the solution for you: Discover the countless variation possibilities offered by the MUC modular design. Our team will realize your ideas and come up with practice-oriented solutions. The MUC series offers safe and space-saving integration of medical devices and equipment. MUC is characterized by clear, modern design. The sophisticated aluminum finish is accentuated by semi-transparent end covers, that add a dash of color and freshness. 

MUC1 Gerätewagen
MUC2 Gerätewagen
Medizintechnik enorm Konsole mit zwei Schubladen
Enorm Konsole mit zwei Schubladen
MUC6 Gerätewagen
MUC Gerätewagen Kundenspezifisch
MUC Gerätewagen Kundenspezifisch, offen
Enorm Konsole mit ausziehbaren Korb
Enorm Konsole mit ausziehbaren Korb
MUC Sauerstoffwagen
Medizintechnik MUC Sauerstoffwagen
Medizintechnik MUC Sauerstoffwagen
Enorm Fachboden
Medizintechnik enorm Fachboden
München Airport pannels
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Control center facility planner
Control center facility planner