Media supply, socket strips, lights, system parts catalogue.
// Professional installations with EHMKI, SCHMID`s supply for system integrators, IT specialists and electricians.

Everything from a single source, 24-hour delivery, if needed. When it comes to a professional start-up or the reconstruction of workplaces with system equipment, we at EHMKI, SCHMID never let our customers down. Especially during the crucial stage of putting the workplaces in operation, an extensive expansion program of system parts such as 19-inch bolts, t-nuts with spring, shelves, cable canals or grounding kits need to be at hand just in time right at the site.

This saves time and money. Our team at EHMKI, SCHMID will be pleased to inform you about available possibilities concerning the planning of complete connections for mains and power connections in advance, so that all the fixtures in the factory are already pre - equipped and the technicians on site can immediately start cabling and integrating operating components.
Our 50-page system parts catalogue, with many suggestions and technical support is available online.

The extensive peripheral program also leaves nothing to be desired for operators or users of the workstations. We offer high-quality dimmable LED work lights, as well as connection options for USB or power mains sockets directly on the table, which enables a quick docking of equipment.

Medienklappe mit Softtouch-Öffnung
Klapprahmen mit integrierter Medienleiste geschlossen
Klapprahmen mit integrierter Medienleiste geöffnet
Auftisch Medienleiste mit Gehäuse
ausziehbare Stromsäule
Strom- und Datenport für 80 mm Kabeldurchlassbohrung
4-fach Alu-Steckdosenleiste
5-fach Multipol Steckdosenleiste mit Schalter
7-fach Multipol Steckdosenleiste mit Schalter
8-fach Multipol Steckdosenleiste mit Schalter
Reihenschaltung von mehreren Steckdosenleisten durch GST 18 Anschluss
LED-Arbeitsplatzleuchte CORA
LED-Arbeitsplatzleuchte CORA mit Gleiter für DS-Rail Schienenprofil
München Airport pannels
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Control center facility planner
Control center facility planner