BMW AG // 10.01.2022

For the new research area of BMW AG, BMW FIZ FUTURE Munich, the acoustics specialists from BMW AG commissioned us to fully equip five acoustic rooms according to the latest design and acoustic... more

Roche AG, Penzberg // 08.11.2021

EHMKI, SCHMID plans, designs and delivers 5 state-of-the-art com-desk workstations, as well as sideboards, a monitor wall, a pedestal, ceiling lighting and other surrounding furniture. more

Intersec 2022 | Light + Building // 07.11.2021

Intersec 2022 | Light + Building more

EON-PreussenElektra // 09.08.2021

EON-PreussenElektra has commissioned EHMKI, SCHMID to equip the new control centre. more

US-Airport Tower, Wiesbaden // 08.08.2021

The NEW US Airport Tower in Wiesbaden will be equipped with the most modern ATC consoles from EHMKI, SCHMID. The renowned construction company PETER GROSS is the general contractor and assigns the... more

InfraServ Wiesbaden // 22.06.2021

InfraServ Wiesbaden has commissioned EHMKI; SCHMID to equip the new control station with state-to-the-art control center furniture. Vomatec is the general contractor; direct client and partner of... more

HamburgWasser // 28.04.2021

MOIN, north greets south. HamburgWasser orders the "Modernization of the Hamburg Central Control Room" from EHMKI, SCHMID. more

EHMKI, SCHMID receives order from MTU // 09.12.2020

EHMKI, SCHMID receives order from MTU more

ERGO Direkt Nürnberg // 25.10.2020

ERGO Direkt Versicherung Nürnberg has commissioned EHMKI, SCHMID to equip the reception area with a state-of-the-art reception counter. more

Beiersdorf [NIVEA] Hamburg // 20.10.2020

Beiersdorf [NIVEA] has commissioned EHMKI, SCHMID to equip the new campus building with state-of-the-art control center furniture. more

Federal Office for Radiation Protection // 12.10.2020

EHMKI, SCHMID wins the tender for the delivery and assembly of 33 electrically height-adjustable workstations as well as two conference tables in special construction. more

SicherheitsExpo 2020 Munich // 08.09.2020

SicherheitsExpo 2020 Munich more

COMOWALL // 20.07.2020

COMOWALL, the next generation more

INDRA // 30.06.2020

INDRA commissions EHMKI, SCHMID to supply 23 ATC-consoles. The end customer is a well-known air traffic control authority in the Middle East. more

BASF SE // 14.04.2020

BASF has commissioned EHMKI, SCHMID to equip the new configuration room in the Ludwigshafen am Rhein plant with state-of-the-art control center furniture. more

Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH // 16.03.2020

EHMKI, SCHMID receives major order from BOSCH Sicherheitssysteme GmbH for the delivery of over 60 state-of-the-art control center workstations. Incl. Monitor walls, 24/7 Controller-chairs and... more

Thales Group // 11.03.2020

The Thales Group has commissioned EHMKI, SCHMID to produce com-desk control center workstations for the Hungarian railways. more

Deutsche Bundesbank // 19.12.2019

The German Central Bank has commissioned EHMKI, SCHMID with equipping the control centre with state-of-the-art control center furniture. Completion planned in 2020. more

Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe (LVB) GmbH // 01.12.2019

The Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe (LVB) GmbH has commissioned EHMKI, SCHMID with equipping the control centre with state-of-the-art control center furniture. more

new video clip: Control centre Munich Airport, AVTT // 06.11.2019

Premiere; the smart solution for the modern centre of the future. more

BMW Group Research and Innovation Center // 24.05.2019

EHMKI, SCHMID receives major order for the "BMW FIZ FUTURE" project, the new building for the new development centre in Munich. The services include state-of-the-art control room... more

SicherheitsExpo München 2019 // 16.05.2019

SicherheitsExpo München 2019 more

Airport Hamburg // 10.01.2019

Hamburg Airport equips APRON Control and the Contingency Room with com-desk specialist workstations from EHMKI, SCHMID. more

BMW World // 10.01.2019

BMW World will equip its new control centre with com-desk equipment components from EHMKI, SCHMID. This trend-setting, design-oriented control centre will go into operation in 2019. more

Stadtwerke Ulm // 10.01.2019

Stadtwerke Ulm relies on EHMKI, SCHMIDs know-how. A new control centre equipment will be delivered with three control centre workstations, a COMO monitor wall, LED ceiling lighting and further... more

Airbus // 10.01.2019

Airbus has commissioned EHMKI, SCHMID to equip the new control centre in the Munich plant. The general contractor is Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH. more

Evonik Technology & Infrastructure GmbH Krefeld // 20.06.2018

Evonik Technology & Infrastructure GmbH has commissioned EHMKI, SCHMID with equipping the plant protection- and alarm center with state-of-the-art control center furniture. more

ENGIE Group Germany // 30.01.2018

The ENGIE Group has commissioned EHMKI, SCHMID with equipping the new Control Station with state-of-the-art control center furniture. more

AGCO GmbH Marktoberdorf // 30.10.2017

AGCO GmbH has commissioned EHMKI, SCHMID with equipping the new Uptime Center and the associated visitor area with state-of-the-art control center furniture. more

Configurator for control station furniture // 29.10.2017

EHMKI, SCHMID launches free online configurator for control station furniture. more

PROMOS monitor stand // 11.10.2017

PROMOS design monitor stand - gladly standing in the background. more

Anniversary 40 years of EHMKI, SCHMID // 10.10.2017

40 years of planning, constructing and inventing - and now it’s time to celebrate! more

The Police Headquarters of Central Franconia // 21.04.2017

Control station of the future - modernization of the superordinate control station more

US-BASE Wiesbaden // 30.01.2017

New control center furniture for "Fire & Emergency Service" more

Hannover Airport // 09.08.2016

New Control Station furniture for the airport fire department more

Infineon Regensburg // 27.07.2016

New Control Station furniture more

Control station furniture for the Japan Tower // 27.07.2016

EHMKI, SCHMID has currently been commissioned with equipping several security rooms/ areas of the Japan Tower in Frankfurt am Main with control station furniture. more

Volkswagen plant Braunschweig // 20.07.2016

New Control station furniture more

Test stand furniture for BMW AG's Research and Innovations Center // 25.01.2016

BMW AG has commissioned Ehmki, Schmid with the complete re-design of a measuring room for a test stand in the Research and Innovations Center. more

New furniture for the traffic control center of GYSEV-Raaberbahn, Hungary // 15.06.2015

GYSEV-Raaberbahn Hungary has commissioned Ehmki, Schmid with supplying 25 modern sitting/ standing workstations more

Control station furniture for the security center at EnBW Neckarwestheim // 18.05.2015

EnBW Neckarwestheim has commissioned EHMKI, SCHMID with equipping the new safety center  more

Vehicles with Shelter work stations // 31.01.2015

AIRBUS Defence and Space has currently equipped their COBRA Radar vehicles with Shelter work stations by EHMKI, SCHMID. more

Control station furniture for the Eurotower // 30.01.2015

EHMKI, SCHMID has been commissioned to equip the security-relevant rooms in the Eurotower skyscraper in Frankfurt with technical furniture.  more

New control station furniture for the German Federal Police's flying squadron // 29.01.2015

EHMKI, SCHMID liefert für die Bundespolizei Fliegerstaffel Oberschleißheim die Arbeitsplätze für die neue Flugeinsatzzentrale und den Flugbetriebsraum im Towerareal.  more

ATC-consoles for the German military airports // 28.01.2015

EHMKI, SCHMID wins follow-up contract for 72 ATC consoles for German military airports. more

Control station furniture for Volkswagen's fire brigade // 25.11.2014

Volkswagen AG, Kassel plant, commissions EHMKI, SCHMID & Co. with furnishing the new operations centre of the fire brigade. There will be three new com-desk sit-stand work places, monitor... more

RGB LED footwell lighting // 09.08.2012

The RGB-LED footwell lighting for control station workstations was developed by Ehmki, Schmid for the professional 24-hour use. This modern workstation lighting does not only have a „futuristic”... more

New operations center in Kelheim // 30.07.2012

At the end of 2012, the new functional and modern operations center Kelheim was put into operation. The ergonomically individually adjustable PC / radio workstations with electrically inclinable... more

Tower control consoles for the Masar-e Sharif airport in Afghanistan // 29.07.2012

EHMKI, SCHMID supplies tower control consoles for the Masar-e Sharif airport in Afghanistan, Contracting entity: THALES Group.  more

Control station furniture for the fire brigade Saarbrücken // 28.07.2012

EHMKI, SCHMID is awarded the contract: "Supplier of control panels for the coordination centre of the municipal fire brigade Saarbrücken". The most modern sit-stand work places of the... more

60 "CUBE" design media racks for BMW's training centre // 27.07.2012

Ehmki, Schmid & Co. supplies more than 60 "CUBE" design media racks, capable of housing widescreen LCD displays of up to 70", for BMW's training centre in Munich. more

Tower consoles for Kassel Calden's airport // 26.07.2012

EHMKI, SCHMID has been commissioned with designing and delivering tower (pilot) consoles and emergency services consoles for the newly constructed KASSEL CALDEN airport. more

New studio furniture for "Saarländischer Rundfunk" // 25.07.2012

Sound and picture editing suites combined in one room at the Saarländische Rundfunk, featuring a large COMO monitor wall. more

Control station furniture for Hamburg's airport // 24.07.2012

Airport Hamburg commissions EHMKI, SCHMID with designing and supplying console desks for their APRON, traffic and contingency control rooms.  more

Noise-absorption panel for BMW // 23.07.2012

Noise-absorption panel with digital print, partly backlighted by LEDs. Projekt for BMW AG, FIZ facilities, Munich. more


Neue Pfortenloge bei Intervet (MERCK & CO. INC) // 04.06.2020

Neue Pfortenloge bei Intervet (MERCK & CO. INC) in München, mit Besucherbereich, Empfangstresen und Arbeitsplätzen von EHMKI, SCHMID. Der Tresen und das große Akustikwandpanel sind mittels... more

60 ATC-consoles for German airforce airbases // 20.07.2012

EHMKI, SCHMID receives an order over 60 Air Traffic Control consoles for German airforce airbases.  more

Follow-up order, 62 ATC-Consoles for Abu Dhabi, UAE // 19.07.2012

EHMKI, SCHMID has received a follow-up order for a further 62 air traffic controller consoles from the Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., air traffic control agency.  more

Control station furniture for AMADEUS Data Processing // 18.07.2012

AMADEUS data processing commissions EHMKI, SCHMID with the construction/enlargement of a security control room at their Erding (near Munich) facility.  more

Mobile VTR-Racks for the German TV station ProSiebenSat.1 // 17.07.2012

German TV station PRO7SAT1 equips its editing desks with mobile VTR-racks made by EHMKI, SCHMID, the design of which has been specifically adapted to the offices' new interior design style.  more

40 workstations for the SHUQAIQ SWCC in Saudi Arabia // 16.07.2012

Just recently, EHMKI, SCHMID was comissioned to supply more than 40 workstations (and peripheral furniture) for control rooms in the SHUQAIQ SWCC in Saudi Arabia.  more

Control station furniture for MTU Munich // 15.07.2012

MTU Aero Engines, Munich contracts EHMKI, SCHMID to furnish new security and fire service control rooms at their facilities.   more

Control room furniture for DHL Bonn // 14.07.2012

DEUTSCHE POST DHL commissions EHMKI, SCHMID to furnish a control room at their IT and storage centre at the Campusgelände, Bonn.  more

Workstations for test stands for BMW // 13.07.2012

BMW AG charges EHMKI, SCHMID with supplying 24 workstations for a measuring station at their R&D facility in Munich. more

New ATC-consoles for the airport munich // 12.07.2012

Flughafen München GmbH (Munich airport) commissions EHMKI, SCHMID to completely furnish their new AVVZ control room. more

120 ATC-consoles for Abu Dhabi, UAE // 29.10.2009

EHMKI, SCHMID supply no less than 120 individual controller consoles for the Abu Dhabi, UAE, air traffic control.  more

[] test

RGB LED footwell lighting

The RGB-LED footwell lighting for control station workstations was developed by EHMKI, SCHMID for the professional 24-hour use. This modern workstation lighting does not only have a „futuristic” appearance but also offers considerable advantages for the operator or the controller.

Your staff is provided with a tool to adjust the direct ambient light autonomously and according to personal preferences. The light intensity can be dimmed and the color value can be adjusted individually.

The LED footwell lighting is bright enough to provide orientation in the room and enables the staff at the workplace to concentrate on monitoring and controlling processes, the core functions in an operations center.

Employees of an operations center consider this gentle lighting as very pleasant, especially at night and in the morning and evening.

The control or operations center will be optically upgraded and the colored footwell lighting creates a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere in the room, as recommended by occupational physicians and color psychologists.

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Control center facility planner
Control center facility planner